How Your Child Will Benefit From Our Therapy?


Initial assessment using the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills Revised (ABLLS-R) and the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Procedure (VB-MAPP).

Rein Forcer Assessment is conducted using formal assessment techniques and observation.


Development of Goals and Objectives

Goals and objectives are developed based on the results of the ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP assessments. Additional goals and objectives focus on the local school district and Department of Defense curriculums, functional living skills, and social skills.

Goals and objectives are also developed through consultation with the family, school personnel, and therapists such as speech, occupational, and physical therapists.

Goals and objectives are revised and updated as warranted.

Progress reports and data are given to and discussed with each child’s family on a monthly basis.


Teaching Methods

Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior are used to facilitate learning in all areas.

New skills are taught in discrete trial format in one-on-one instruction and during small group instruction.

Forward chaining, backward chaining, and shaping are used for skill acquisition.

Teaching materials include hands on activities and computerized instruction.

Learned skills are maintained through repetition.

Generalization to outside environments is facilitated.


Daily living skills

We teach and practice self-help skills such as eating, dressing, and independent toileting.

We encourage the development of appropriate play skills.

Skills are also developed based on the interests of the child and the family.


Academic skills

All children are taught academic and social skills that are required for success in school.


Social Skills

Social skills are taught through the use of social skills workbooks.

Children participate in small structured social skill groups to acquire and practice skills.

Children are given opportunities to practice learned skills in the community.

For children about to enter or already attending school, particular attention is given to teaching skills that are required for success in that environment.


Behavior Management

New skills are taught with a rich schedule of positive reinforcement.

Appropriate behaviors are reinforced while challenging ones are replaced with a functional socially appropriate behavior.

If necessary, challenging behaviors are addressed through a formal behavior reduction plan.


Parent Training

Parent training is offered based on the needs of the family and child.

Training and workshops are offered in the community on an as needed or requested basis.