Proactive and Positive – In Office or At Home

Dr. Dillree provides services in a child’s natural environment, such as her warm and welcome facility and/or the child’s home and school setting.

Services are provided in the home setting for several reasons. First and foremost, the child is usually most comfortable in his or her home.  Secondly, providing services in the home setting allows for parent and sibling training in a natural environment.  Although Dr. Dillree’s direct services involve 1:1 teaching sessions with the child, the second part of her services focus on teaching family members how to generalize the skills taught in the 1:1 sessions through incidental teaching methods (teaching opportunities within the context of daily family life).

The school setting services typically focus on the acquisition of social skills, and coordination of academics across environments.  Finally, Dr. Dillree addresses any challenging behaviors by teaching functional socially replacement behaviors.


Academic and Skill Acquisition Services

Initial assessment using the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills. (ABLLS)

Use of the ABBLS curriculum: data based progression through a curriculum that covers cooperation and reinforcer effectiveness, receptive and expressive language, play and social skills, academic skills, self-help skills, and motor skills.

Dr. Dillree works closely with other therapists (e.g., speech and occupational therapists) providing services to ensure a consistent program for the child.

Dr. Dillree attends ARD meetings to aid in IEP development and to ensure consistency across home and school settings.

Academic progress is presented in an easy to understand graphic format.

1:1 direct instruction and generalization of skills taught in home and at school.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Initial assessment by conducting a functional assessment if challenging behaviors are present.

Development, implementation, and monitoring of a behavior support plan to address challenging behaviors.



Parent and professional training available.



Most services covered by insurance companies.