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Behavior For Life, Inc. is committed to ensuring children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
and their families receive professional, research-based ABA intervention, and training.

We emphasize a proactive teaching approach which relies heavily on positive reinforcement.

Have You Ever Asked Yourself Any Of These Questions?

  • Where do I begin to seek help for my child with autism?
  • How can I teach my child to talk or communicate?
  • Is there anyone who can help my child learn basic life skills
    (potty training, dressing themselves, etc...)?
  • Where can I find help for my child who struggles academically?
  • Why does my child have difficulty making friends?
  • Where can I find help for my child who has behavior problems?
  • If you've ever asked any of these questions, then I want you to know...

Is The Answer!

We are here to assist, guide, and help you in all of those areas – and more!

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Amy Dillree, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D., BCBA

Ph.D. Board-Certified Behavior Analyst Amy Dillree offers a practical approach to helping children and adults with Autism-related disorders and other Developmental Disabilities learn and practice academic and life skills.

Dr. Dillree provides direct services in homes, schools, and other settings. Two of her goals are to ensure consistent treatment across environments and to empower parents, siblings, and teachers as therapists. She provides services throughout Central Texas.

Her approach is based on a combination of the principles of applied behavior analysis, the philosophy of TEACCH, incidental learning, and stimulus equivalence (relational learning).  Her curriculum and data collection system is based on the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised.

How Dr. Amy and Behavior4Life Can Help!

  • Individualized Assessments
  • Development of Goals and Objectives
  • Daily living skills
  • Academic skills
  • Social Skills
  • Behavior Management
  • Parent Training
  • Helpful Links